Amarillo Wind Capabilities

We are experts in all aspects of wind machine utilization, maintenance and repair. Sure, we can fix your wind machine, or sell you one that is likely to be the most reliable piece of equipment on your farm. But we can also help you figure out the best locations for your machines, Amarillo or otherwise, and improve the way you use the equipment you own.

Here are just a few of our capabilities
  • On-site service and support that is second to none, including emergency services at all hours in agricultural regions around the world.
  • Repair wind machines from almost any manufacturer, often using the original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts.
  • Provide engineered repairs. This means we can repair your unit in a way that improves it in some way using specialized equipment such as rotations, gear boxes, or head angles.
  • Provide expert technical advice not only for machine repairs, but for best use of your equipment going forward to prevent future breakdowns.
  • We can help find the most strategic locations for your wind machine based on factors such as crop type, elevation, seasonal climate, and other geographic information in your part of the world.
  • We can even reduce your crop insurance costs.
If you need help keeping your equipment in top shape, avoiding unnecessary maintenance expenditures and hassles, or believe you might benefit from our expertise in placement and layout of wind machine configurations, contact us today.

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